'Ardanumrchan Echoes' features a collection of images made during a week spent on the Ardnamurchan Peninsula, Scotland. The images are a combination of the real and the imagined, combining a number of different techniques and mediums to explore the unique geology and landscape that the peninsula offers. 


Forward written by Rob Knight.

Ardnamurchan Echoes


Ardnamurchan Echoes is available in 3 different options, Standard, Print and Darkroom. 

The Standard Edition is the Book only. 

The Print Edition includes an A4 print on Fotospeed Fine Art Paper using Archival inks. The Print Edition is limited to 20 copies only.

The Darkroom Edition includes an 8x10 Print handmade in the Darkroom. The Darkroom Edition is limited to 10 copies only. 

All images by Darren Rose Photography.

Darren Rose Photography is based in Marston Moretaine, Bedford. United Kingdom.

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