Walking: A Photographic Diary

Over the last couple of months, I've come to the realisation that a big part of photography is simply being outside, enjoying the landscape, and taking pictures.

The majority of the time I go without a plan, seeing what the landscape offers me, and I react. Sometimes I get lucky with the conditions, sometimes not, but I do not let the forecast discourage me.

I'd rather go out than sit on the sofa. Being out and making images is the bit I enjoy the most.

This approach results in a lot of images, which on their own are not competition winning or portfolio keepers, but are a record of the place (as well as a reflection of myself maybe??). The dilemma I found myself confronted with was what to do with them?

The answer seemed to present itself thanks to Rob Knight. Rob is currently sharing his own work from walks, but he also shared two articles on Twitter - The first was from the Guardian discussing walking and creativity, and the second was a blog post by Michela Griffiths.

Motivated by the themes of both articles, I'll be selecting and sharing 4 images through my blog, as a diary of my walks. There won't be any other rules, other than 4 is the limit.

Hopefully, you'll find them interesting and follow along with me.

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All images by Darren Rose Photography.

Darren Rose Photography is based in Marston Moretaine, Bedford. United Kingdom.

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