All images by Darren Rose Photography.

Darren Rose Photography is based in Marston Moretaine, Bedford. United Kingdom.

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Pinhole Society Interview

This is an extract from the interview I did with the Pinhole Society. The full interview and images can be found on the Pinhole Society Website.


Darren’s work actively leaps out at his audience and physically pulls them into each of his remarkably unique photographic realms. I mentioned in my Instagram posts that “each frame is a glimpse into an alternate dimension”, and I say this because every exposure hosts its own narrative.

Compared to a lot of other pinhole photography, I find Darren’s to be very visually ambiguous - his photography embodies a sense of fiction akin to the atmosphere held by a short story. It allows his audience to become lost in his world, or at least lost in the world Darren has created for them.

Darren is a landscape photographer whose photographic journey began whilst completing a Fine Art Painting Degree, and despite a prolonged break from producing artwork, this background in painting still influences his approach to photography today. Darren prefers to work with Film and using pinhole and ‘toy’ cameras, allowing the medium of the film and choice camera to be an active participant in the result of the final image.”

In your own words, what do you do?

I’m predominantly a landscape photographer, who over the last year or so, has probably become a bit more recognised for using film rather than digital, and for using pinhole cameras.

Why do you do what you do?

I’ve always been a creative person, and studied fine art at University. It was at 6th form college that I first started photography and learning how to develop and print in the darkroom. This developed (no pun intended) further throughout University, and I ended up working part-time in a college darkroom after graduation. However, over time I allowed photography, as well as drawing and painting, to slip out of sight and it wasn’t until 2015 that I picked up a camera again. Photography gives me the opportunity to be creative, a skill to learn and continually improve at, as well as getting outside and meeting new people.

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