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Photo Books

In what may become a regular (ish) feature, I've decided to share a couple of my current favourite photo books.

The Road to Seeing - Dan Winters

I first heard about Dan Winters when I was researching large format photographers, and came across his large-format portraits of celebrities. The more I looked into his back catalogue though, I realised there was a lot more to discover. This is where The Road To Seeing came to find it's way onto my bookshelf.

It's part biography and part portfolio. It's interesting to hear how Dan got to where he is now and how those experiences shaped his photography. Influences from the Art world and other areas are referenced throughout the book, provided some context to Dan's own style and output.

It wouldn't be a Dan Winters book without a section on the celebrity portraits, but these are supported by some insightful text which shines a light on how the sessions went, as well as the subjects themselves. It's these insights which set the book apart from a standard portfolio of images.

However, it's the section chapter of Personal Work and Fatherhood and Family which I enjoy the most. The photographs of his son growing up - from stitches in his chin from falling over, to having his first girlfriend - are a simply wonderful record of a relationship between father and son.

The quality of the book and the prints are excellent throughout.

SERIES OF DREAMS - Russell Joslin

Russell Joslin in the Editor of Shots Magazine and Series of Dreams is a curation of work spanning over the past 17 years. Although I have never purchased a copy of Shots, I found out about the book via a Kickstarter campaign last year. The images looked amazing so I decided to take a punt and back the campaign.

The book finally arrived a few weeks back, and I was very impressed with the overall quality of the book and the prints are exquisite - it was well worth the wait. It's hard to describe a book where is such a broad collection of images from a wide variety of photographers on display. There are photographers whom I already follow, such as Susan Burnstine, but most I hadn't heard of. This is one of the reasons I'm enjoying the book so much because it's introducing me to new artists and expanding my own ideas of what photography can be. A real treat.

I'm always interested to hear about what other books people enjoy, so feel to let me know about your favourites in the comments section.

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