British Wildlife Photography Awards

Updated: Dec 6, 2019

The 2019 British Wildlife Photography Awards was the first success I’ve had in a National Competition, and it was strange that it should come in a genre that I don’t really consider myself a photographer of.

My Butterfly in Morning Dew was commended in the Hidden Britain category. This one of my favourite macro shots that I’ve taken, so for it to get commended in the awards was a real highlight. I was also really pleased to see one of my Infrared images, taken at my local heath, was picked by the publishers to be included in the book too.

We headed down to the Awards ceremony, which was being held in the Mall Galleries in London, and it was great seeing the images printed to a good size and quality. I couldn’t help but stop to listen to what people were saying about my butterfly image. Thankfully it was all good :)

I was given a copy of the book, which was a lovely memento to have. It’s also my first time printed in a book.

Some of the images on display were exceptional, and there was variety. I also had the chance to finally meet 2 photographers that I speak to regularly on Twitter, Dave Fieldhouse and Stu Meech. I highly recommend checking out their websites.

Photography Competitions are always a lottery - the standard is very high, and the volume of submissions is mind-boggling for some of the major ones - so I’m really happy to have come away with a Commendation and two images in the book.

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